Recommended For Beginners


What Is The Right Attitude for Meditation?   Shew O. Min.  A classical textbook for the practice of Mindfulness.

For The Stilling of Volcanoes   Bhante Sujiva.  An introduction to the general techniques of meditation practice.

Go With The Flow  Bhante Sujiva, 2019 .  A guideline with flowcharts and precise language regarding how to practice the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

Retreat Manual Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC)  or PDF  A comprehensive handbook for governing long intensive retreats for beginners.

Dharma Therapy - Oliver Chang.  A Dharma article for beginners, addressing how to observe pain and stress during sitting meditation.

The First Long Retreat Report - Oliver Chang.  The first intensive retreat report of Oliver Chang as a beginner on the path of practicing Vipassana.  Guided by Bhante Sujiva, April, 1999, in Italy.

           Mindfulness, Step by Step  An Introduction to Vipassana Meditation (Video)

           Heaven On Earth—My First Long Retreat  by Steven K. Christopher  

            Basic Principles of Insight Meditation  by Oliver Chang 

Once you have developed as a beginner, you may find additional instruction and guidance in the more advanced stages of meditation practice worthwhile. The following sources offer excellent insight:

For Advanced Yogis - Books (by author)

Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw
Fundamentals of Vipassana Meditation  - A series of precious lectures from Mahasi to laymen, on the practice of meditation from the beginning to Enlightenment.  A practical, down to Earth guide.

An Interview with Mahasi Sayadaw (Bilingual).

Mahasi USA (Website)

Practical Insight Meditation  - The basic practice of Insight Meditation on the technique and skills of mental training.

A Discourse on Dependent Origination or PDF - Doctrine of conditioning for the relationship between cause and effect.  A discussion of the Universal Law of Dependent Origination.

Malukayaputta Sutta  - Dharma talk on the dynamics of our six senses and defilements.  Practice the foundation of mindfulness on Dharma to overcome sorrow and defilements incurred at six senses.

Silavanta Sutta - About the Five Aggregates of Grasping as the object of meditation, (for craving and wrong view as the origination of defilements stipulated in Second Noble Truth.)

Ven. Sayadaw U Pandita
In This Very Life - This book is a treasure chest of applied Dharma, written when Sayadaw first came to the US in 1984, to guide a 90 day Vipassana retreat.  The master describes in detail, both the practical journey of awakening, and a profound theory of understanding the Buddha's teaching.

How to Practice Vipassana Insight Meditation

Ven. Sujiva
Access and Fixed Concentration

Metta Meditation - Many people have commented that this book is the best teaching about the practice of love and kindness meditation to soften the rigid mind.

The Tree of Wisdom, The River of No Return - This book is a compilation of know-how, practical tips and skills of practicing Insight Meditation, based on many years of Bhante Sujiva's teaching and personal empirical experiences.

Pragmatic AbhiDharma or PDF - An in depth study of the practice of Insight Meditation, in the light of Buddhist Metaphysics; Footpaths Through the Wild Mists of Mount Illusion.

Body, Mind and Spirit in Oneness   

Go With The Flow or PDF  - This booklet vividly illustrates the practice of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, or Insight Meditation, in a format of flowcharts, to supplement the concise language.  It is intended to be used as a textbook of practice for yogis while attending long, intensive Vipassana retreats.

Ven. Henepola Gunaratana 
Mindfulness In Plain English  - A meditation manual offering a step by step guide into the practice of Insight Meditation.

Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English-- Preview(PDF, provided by Wisdom Publications)

U Silananda 
Mindfulness with Clear Comprehension  PDF   - Mindfulness lead to concentration and concentration leads to Clear Comprehension ( Sampajanna in Pali). The clear comprehension comes in a big range of experiences. The highest level of experience goes to stream enterer directly as Path and Fruit consciousness. 


Inner Peace

Peggy Chang
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Meditation Changes Brain Function and Structure

Dharma Articles by HMC founding father, Oliver Chang:
Meditation and Energy Healing 

The Object of Meditation and the Observing Mind

Teacher Training Report  - In April, 2014, Italy, guided by Bhante Sujiva.  The rare experience of black out from Bhavanga vibrations illustrates vividly Buddha's teaching: how to guard the six senses by the practice of Dharmanupassana, for the Foundation of Mindfulness on Dharma/mental objects.  Overcome defilements that occur with the six senses by closing off five senses and only focusing on the mind-door/Bhavanga to observe mental objects.

Retreat Report  - April, 2018, American Bodhi Center. Bhante Gavesi came to Houston to guide a ten day retreat.  The report bridges the gap between the theory of reading knowledge and the real world of practice: how to develop and balance the five mental faculties of Consciousness, to suppress the five hindrances--which stand in the way of gaining insight knowledge.

Mindfulness: the Practice and Application


Dharma Talks

Chanmyay Sayadaw
Dharma Talks at Blue Mountain

Sayadaw U Silananda
The Benefits of Walking Meditation(Bodhi Leaves No: 137)


New Evidence That Proves Your Thoughts Can Change Your DNA


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