We are pleased to have you as our visitor, and we hope that you derive much benefit from the tools, guidance, and resources made available to you here. It is our purpose to assist you in establishing a firm foundation for a fruitful meditation practice if you are a beginner, and to those who are already familiar with the basic rudiments of meditation, we offer encouragement, in-depth resources, and expert instruction to help you deepen your practice and skill. Regardless of your goals, it is our wish that you find our site useful and informative.

      Among many other things, meditation is a skillful form of mental training that can be learned and practiced by anyone, regardless of ones race, religion, or creed. Whatever your perspective or persuasion, if you put the effort into instilling this practice into your daily life, it will transform your life experience. You do not have to take our word for it. Try it, and see for yourself.

      The subject of meditation is broad, deep, and timeless. As with any art or discipline, there are many concepts, styles, and techniques in existence that seek to heighten ones proficiency in meditative study and progress. In this regard, meditation is no different. For our specific purposes at this site, we offer information and training in Vipassana Meditation, also known as Insight Meditation. As you progress and advance, you may wish to explore other avenues of practice, but we suggest for beginners to build a strong, basic foundation in one style before experimenting with other approaches to practice.

      As you seek your desired level of committment in the practice of meditation, it is important to recognize and internalize that the keyword of ‘practice’ goes hand in hand with the word ‘meditation’, for without a committment to daily, consistent practice, the concept of meditation merely becomes an exercise without any real substance. In order to experience the unimaginable, wordless benefits of meditation, one must practice.

      And so we begin the journey. If you are a complete beginner, or fairly new to the subject of meditation, we suggest that you follow the specific beginner link provided under the Beginning Meditation heading to help you build your meditation practice on a solid foundation. For those who are more practiced, we have provided excellent study aides and resources under the navigational headings of Meditation Resources and Group Meditation.

      In the words of Venerable Henepola Gunaratana: “The purpose of Vipassana meditation is nothing less than the radical and permanent transformation of your entire sensory and cognitive experience. It is meant to revolutionize the whole of your life experience…”

      May these words inspire you to press towards that mark.